This weekend in the 2s we are going to continue to teach about the beginning of the Big God Story! Take some time to read Genesis 1 & 2 with your little ones over the next couple of days.  See if they can find pictures of the things that God created as described in the Bible.  Have fun with it!

Lord of all creation Of water, earth, and sky

The heavens are Your tabernacle Glory to the Lord on High.

God of wonders, beyond our galaxy You are holy, holy.

The universe declares Your majesty You are holy, holy.

(“God of Wonders,” written by Steve Hindalong and Marc Byrd)

“Cristi! Cristi!” I could hear my name being called from some distant location.  I was in my happy place in the backyard. As I lay in the grass, all that seemed to matter were the white clouds in the blue sky, the breeze, and the tops of the eucalyptus trees that were dancing above me. Here, I could dream. Here, I could listen to the trees seeming to talk to one another, their leaves making a whistling sound each time the wind blew through their branches. One moment I was blissfully unaware of the pressures of being four years old, and the next I was being called inside to take a bath.

This has been a regular rhythm of my life. I am most happy, recharged, peacefilled, and alive when I’m surrounded by nature. The sound and feel of rushing water, wild winds, and a terrific rainstorm spark something within my soul! It’s in these moments that I fall easily into conversation with my Creator. I can see Him in His creation. I can feel His presence, and it’s easiest for me to hear Him when I’m surrounded by the things that were made with His hands.

God has revealed Himself through His creation, but this is just the beginning of the story between God and mankind. He didn’t just leave us with the revelation of Himself through His creation, but has given us so much more by revealing Himself in His Word, His incarnation, and His Spirit—all so we may know Him personally and become a part of His big story.  (TRU, Lesson 1.2)


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