God Cares for Me- 2

Story: Manna Is Provided, Exodus 16; Numbers 11:7–9

After leaving Egypt, Moses and the Israelites had a long road ahead of them. The people started to complain early in the journey. God heard their grumbling and told Moses He would send food from heaven. He also gave special instructions about taking only enough food for each day. When the people woke up, the ground was covered in manna. God cares for the needs of His people.


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As followers of Jesus, we’ve been adopted into His family as His children. Occasionally, the topic of God as Father can be a painful one—especially for the fatherless or those who had negative experiences with their earthly father. Regardless of how varied our individual experiences may be, one thing remains the same: God desires an intimate relationship with each of us. He is our Father. As our Father, He can restore what has been broken and heal what has been hurt.

Spend a moment thinking and praying to identify someone in your ministry or community who is fatherless. If you’re praying for yourself, spend a few minutes silently asking God to reveal Himself to you as Father. If you’re able to think of fatherless children in your ministry, spend some time praying for them. Ask that this message would bring healing and comfort to these little ones. May God use this weekend to show His care to His children.


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