A Sleeping Baby

Don’t we all wish we could get more sleep. Having a baby makes for lack of sleep for mom and or dad. A one month old averages of 16 hours of sleep each day. I was so envious when I heard another mom tell me that their child slept through the night at a few months ago. I was living off of coffee forever since both of my girls loved waking up several times in the night (they still do at ages 7 and 5). I found some tips and tricks from the website     http://www.parenting.com/article/26-baby-sleeping-tricks.  You can find more on this website. Also you can find  more info from the links below on how much sleeping is average for your infants and more secrets to get your child to sleep.

  • A Is for Avoiding Eye Contact
    The last thing you want to do right before bed is excite your baby. Prolonged or animated eye contact with you is one of the most stimulating things for your little love. So, avert your eyes when you’re putting him to sleep or calming her when she wakes.
  • B Is for Bath Time
    Calgon, take my baby away! Warm water, combined with soft, loving strokes with a washcloth, can relax just about anyone. Forgo the squirt toys, and keep voices and activity low to make bath time a soothing experience for your little one.

    C Is for Co-Sleeping
    Whether you’re for or against co-sleeping, studies show that children who co-sleep with their parents grow up with higher self-esteem and less anxiety. To co-sleep safely, place a co-sleeper or bassinet next to your bed. (The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend actually sharing a bed with your baby.)

    D Is for Dreamfeed
    If your baby is the type that wakes at night hungry, a dreamfeed might help. Coined by Robert Bucknam, M.D., in On Becoming Babywise, the term dreamfeed refers to a parent-directed, late-evening feeding. Instead of waiting for her to wake up hungry, feed your baby before you go to bed, while she is asleep. Some believe the extra feeding fills her belly just enough to earn a bit more uninterrupted sleep.

    E Is for Empty the Crib
    Cute decor elements are just that¬-cute-but safety is way more important. Keep the sleep surface free of everything but the cutest thing in the room, your baby. Blankets, bumpers and stuffed animals can be hazardous, increasing the odds of suffocation or choking. A fitted sheet is all he needs on his mattress. If you’re worried about warmth, try a sleep sack instead of a loose blanket.




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