Reading to your infant

I am not a huge reader. I have never enjoyed it as a child or now as a women in my upper 20’s. I would rather have someone read to me instead. Working in children’s ministry I have realized how much kids love to be read to. Reading to your baby has a lot of benefits. It is a form of bonding, when you share a book with your baby, she’ll enjoy hearing the comforting cadence of your voice, feeling your heartbeat, and smelling your familiar scent. Over time, she’ll come to associate books with close, intimate time with Mommy or Daddy. It also introduced emotions. Your baby is exposed to feelings through the different sounds you use when reading, whether it’s doing a voice for a specific character or describing what’s going on in the book.  There are many other benefits that I would to reading to your child at the websites below.








Sitting as a family


IMG_5051      Do you sit and eat together as a family every dinner? Do your kids try to eat as fast as they can so they can go do other things after they are done eating? In my house we are bad when it comes to eating together on a regular basis. There are school events, I volunteer two nights as week and my husband volunteers one night a week. There are benefits to eating together.

When you sit down and engage with your children at the dinner table your are building a strong bond between you and your children. You can take a meal to sit down as a family lunch or dinner as a time to teach the children manners like “please” and thank you”. No elbow’s on the table. If they are little help set the table. You can teach them where to place the plate or spoon.

The “how was your day?” or “how was school”, can get boring to kids. I normally get one work answers from them Its like pulling teeth to get good answers from them that aren’t just ” Good” or “Fine”. Some things you can bring up to talk about when you are having a meal together is taking about friendships. Did they make new friends at school that day? What would be some fun things you can do as a family? My girls will think of some things to do as a family that wont happen soon since they want to ” Go to Australia” or ” What about going to Disney”. Yesterday they asked if we could go on a family bike ride. After dinner we did just that, we went for a family bike ride. What about ending the dinner time with doing something as a family like the bike ride or having the kids take turns picking a game to play as a family. You can even have it where the kids, if they can write put topics or questions in a bowl to talk about.

What about no cell phones at the table? I just noticed myself and my husband will be checking Facebook at the dinner table or he will be playing a game on his phone. I am making dinner time a no phone zone or TV zone.

Lets making sitting down and engaging with your children at a meal a goal. I know its hard to do every night but make it a priority. I am right there with you making this a priority.