Winter weather is here

michigan-winter-3-scott-hovindWinter weather is hitting most of the United States, or if it hasn’t it will very soon. Here in Holland Michigan, we are very close to Lake Michigan and we get the lake effect snow. My kids ended up having a Snow day today since the weather and roads were horrible. I had both of my girls, 7 years old and 5 year old, home all day. I tried to keep them busy so there was less being bored or arguing with each other. I know when I was a stay at home mom I had to find some fun things to do during the winter with my little ones since they were stuck in the house a lot. If you are in a place that gets snow, attempt to get your kids outside even if its pulling them in the sled if they are little or go sledding if they are bigger. Some fun things to do with your child if you are a stay at home parent or during Christmas break or a holiday are:


  1. Make Paper snowflakes
  2. Go Sledding
  3. Snuggle together with hot chocolate
  4. Fill a spray bottle with colored water and write in the snow
  5. Make a snowman.
  6. Make Snow “ice cream”

Homemade Ice cream from snow

Some other fun things to do with your child on a holiday break you can find at the following websites.

101 Things To Do During Winter break

20 Things To Do In The Snow






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