Things to do with your baby in the new year

new years

2015 is just around the corner. A lot of people will be making new years resolutions. This will be the first year will be the first year that it wont be to lose weight. Every year I make that my goal and I always fail. 2015 will be the year that I am going to try to do more fun things with my children.


Here are some ideas of what to do with your child and different stages of their first 2 years.

2 months: Make a mobile
“Very young babies are attracted to contrasting colors,” says Gaby Merediz, an artist, writer and mother of two young boys. “So draw some simple shapes in black marker on white paper and hang them above your baby’s crib or on a spot on the wall near your baby’s line of sight.”

At birth, baby’s vision is limited, so she’ll have a hard time focusing on anything more than a few inches away from her face. Providing her with interesting objects in her line of sight encourages her to focus her eyes and strengthens her vision. Of course, you are her very favorite “interesting object,” so make sure she gets plenty of face time with you too!

6 months: Learn sign language
Yes, your baby can learn sign language this young! In fact, it’s an ideal time to start. Parents who have used American Sign Language with their babies say that babies as young as six months can begin to understand simple signs (although baby may not begin to sign back until she’s eight months or older).

“Weave signs into everyday activities and eventually your child will be using signs, too,” says Moreno, who used sign language with her infant daughter. “Using sign language with your baby helps children to think and express themselves symbolically, long before they can talk. We were able to teach our daughter over 350 American Sign Language signs by the time she was 17 months old. Once, when she was 12 months old, she asked me if the truck that had pulled up next to our car was an airplane.”

Not sure where to start? Many communities offer baby sign language classes. Or look for a baby sign language book or video at your local library or online.

13 months: Make marbleized gift wrap
Yes, you’ve made it to the age where you and baby (correction: toddler) can do crafts together. All you need is some tempera paint, plastic wrap and white paper. (Butcher paper works particularly well.) Cover your work surface and tape the white paper in place. Help your little one dribble some paint onto the paper. Use several colors and let the colors touch. Then, lay a piece of plastic wrap directly on top of the paint, covering the paint and paper. Show your child how to move his hands over the paper to create designs in the paint; he’ll probably get the hang of it pretty quickly!

When he’s done, carefully lift off the plastic wrap and throw it away. Let the paint-and-paper dry; the finished product makes great gift wrap. Or you can frame your baby’s works of art.

“My one-year-old loves making marbleized paper,” says Kate Freeman of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, a child care company. Kids love the tactile experience, and working with various colors helps them learn and ID colors (and even experiment with color mixing).


For  more of the activities, follow this link:

Things to do with your baby



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