Children’s 5 Senses

5 senses


I found a great article in the Children Ministry Magazine I would like to share with you. I know most of us know the 5 senses we have, hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. Taste is my favorite, I love food! 🙂  Little ones learn when we stimulate their 5 senses. We can use these questions to make sure we are tapping sensory experiences each week with our children.

Hearing What sounds and words do children hear? Whisper “You’re special to God” or play Christian music.

Sight What do children see that teaches them about God? Identify nature items in pictures and say, “Thank you, God for [item].”

Smell What good scents do children experience? Have children smell a sliced orange or a cinnamon stick. Then touch your nose and say, “God, gave us a nose for smelling.”

Taste What flavors do children taste? When kids taste snacks, say: “God made your mouth for tasting.” Talk about the flavors.

Touch How does touch tell kids about God? Give hugs and say, ” Jesus love you.” Have kids touch fleece when you talk about lambs or feel other textures for related items in the Bible.


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