Helping you not pull your hair out



So winter can be a hard time for me, I swear I am on the verge of pulling my hair out at times and I KNOW for a fact I am getting white hairs on my head ( I am only 28). I can suffer from winter blues and sometimes have to go on anti-depressants or tan to get vitamins D to help boost my moods. I have 2 children, both girls who are 7 and 6 right now. During the winter they are cooped up inside since half the time its too cold to play outside, we live in Michigan. I can only let my girls watch so much TV and the time they get along playing with each other nicely doesn’t last very long.  I am trying to find more crafts and activities to do while we are stuck inside this winter. I know when you have small children you tend to keep them inside more during this season. I have found some fun activities you can do with your little ones while you are in the house to help keep you sane if you are sick of being stuck inside and not a fan of the cold weather. These are found on the Children’s Ministry Magazine website.


  • Hit the Floor-Set up an obstacle course of
    pillows and cardboard boxes for babies to maneuver over and
  • Monkey See-And of course, monkey do. Older
    babies enjoy mimicking adults. Smack your lips, clap your hands, or
    stick out your tongue. Baby will follow suit.
  • Let’s Talk About It-Babies babble incessantly
    somewhere around eight to 12 months. Play pointing and naming games
    to help build baby’s vocabulary. “This is a Bible. Can you say
  • Catch-When baby is able to sit up, roll a soft
    ball to the child. Baby may try to roll the ball back, but you’ll
    have to work at catching it. Roll the ball away from baby, and let
    him chase it.
  • Body Parts-Show baby a doll. Have the baby
    touch the doll’s toes, eyes, fingers, hair, mouth, and ears.
    Reinforce that God made each of these body parts on baby.
  • Now You See It-Once babies figure out that
    hidden things don’t just disappear (around six to eight months),
    they enjoy Hide-and-Seek games with objects. Partially hide a toy
    and let the baby uncover it.

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