Engaging in the Word with your little ones



Did you know that you can have Bible time with your infant? Introducing the Bible to a baby is like planning a seed. Exposing very young children to the Bible helps ensure they soak it up in a way that will positively impact their lives as they grow.

I am a Nursery Coordinator for a church. My boss just this week encouraged us in our homes to spend more time with our families to be in the Word. It could be prayer time where you and your spouse and children take the time to pray out loud. You could do family devotions. I actually went out that same day and got a dinner time devotional for our family to do. I found a great article that helps  with ideas of how to introduce the Bible to infants. I found the ideas out of the Children’s Ministry Magazine. I hope that some of the ideas will encourage you so spend time in the Word with the your little ones.

Introducing the Bible: By the time children turn 2, they’re capable of understanding that the Bible is a special book with special words from God. Make sure to have age appropriate Bibles, for infants you could use a Baby First Bible. Both of my girls who are in elementary age we use The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Use tactile techniques: Children learn best when they can touch, see, move and discover. You can show them how to turn the pages and you could hug the Bible. You can point to a picture in the Bible and talk about it and have them touch the picture as well. Try to say the work “Bible” a lot and encourage them to try and say that when they get to the age of copying words you say.

You could try to make this a weekly event or even a daily event.

Its never to early to start reading and teaching Gods word to a child. You can start at any age.