Nursery is often where a child begins their adventure in Ridge Kids. They are introduced to the love of Jesus through volunteers that nurture and care for each child. Upon entering the Nursery, you will experience a safe and loving environment.  Volunteers desire to be the arms of Jesus.  The Nursery is divided up into three sections that are targeted to specifically meet the needs of each child and their developmental needs:nursery pic

  • Infants (babies in arms)
  • Crawlers (those venturing out on their own to those just beginning to walk)
  • Walkers (confident walkers up to 23 months),

For mother’s who are nursing or need a private space to meet their babies needs we offer a room with rocking chairs and a TV monitor so you can care for your baby’s needs and not miss out on the service.

If you would like more information regarding our nursery, please contact: Amber Lewin, Nursery Coordinator 616.395.4126 x439 or nursery@ridgepoint.org.


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